Monday, March 16, 2009
Tally Making
What follows are the criteria we use to identify launches and closures.
  • Launches and closures are listed alphabetically by name; subject, unless self expanatory; owner/publisher; and city.
  • Only standalone magazines with bonafide editorial content are counted as launches.
  • Not included are annuals; magazines bound into other titles; newspaper sections, inserts/unbound supplements touted as magazines; and magazines that have relaunched under a new name, unless the magazine had ceased publishing for over a year.
  • Magazines produced for corporations to promote their products or services—custom publications—are listed in the Tally but are not added to the total numbers of launches and closures.
  • English and French editions of the same launch count as one, except in cases where the editorial content is significantly different.
  • Unless found, magazines listed as M.I.A. will be counted as closures next year.
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I heard about propel magazine but never ever saw a copy of it. It must be done....
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